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This weekend I was in Peterborough helping 22 more lucky individuals claim their expert positioning and create a high-quality online personal brand.

If you were there then I applaud you for standing up to be the leaders of the future in your field, and look forward to hearing your future success stories.

Stories like property investor Tara Coley, who before attending the Online Brand Masterclass weekend had no personal web presence whatsoever, only her business site.

Expert Success Case Study - Tara Coley

After her personal brand website was published she sent out an email to let her friends and contacts know. The same day she received several replies, with many compliments about the site, and importantly, a request from someone to speak with Tara about a potential investment.

Since then she’s been so inundated with enquiries asking for her assistance in sourcing new properties she’s had to take on two new employees to help deal with the increased workload.

The bottom line is that Tara has seen an increase in NEW business of over £50,000 in less than SIX weeks since her site has been live!

Now Tara does have a separate business with its own website which you can find at

Yet what she’s discovered since running her personal brand website is that she gets WAY more traffic to her business site as many people click through to Bluebell Properties after having browsed around Tara’s personal site.


Without a doubt the professional nature of the photography and graphics on Tara’s personal brand site, as well as the personal story on her about page, all contribute to build authority and trust, which means that people feel comfortable enough to pick up the phone and call Tara’s office to make an enquiry.

Here’s the thing, if you’re in a business, or would like to start attracting high-fee paying clients for YOUR products and services, then you MUST position yourself as an expert.


And creating a strong online personal brand is the first principle of  my book ‘Expert Success’, my proven 3-Step formula to becoming an overnight authority in any industry.

If you’d like to enjoy the security, peace of mind and fulfillment from generating MORE clients at HIGHER price points and who are a pleasure to work with, then for a limited period you can buy a copy of the Expert Success book at special price.

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To your Expert Success!