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Recently I had a revelation…

I realized I’ve found the ONE ingredient that literally all of my successful students and peers have in common. It is also the same ‘magic bullet’ that made me into what I am today – business wise and in my personal life, too.

I am the first one to admit that much of it was accidental, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t able to put it into a formula!

The secret is – (drumroll please!) – having a powerful, Personal Online Brand.

(Read on to discover why you MUST care about personal branding!)

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You see – today everyone is googling you BEFORE they do business with you, so if they can’t find you you’re not even playing! And if you are not playing you can’t win!

So what do people find when they google you or your expertise? You and I know that for most people (and I sincerely hope that doesn’t include YOU) it’s NOTHING or (possible worse) random ramblings written by someone else about you.

So here is a scary thought…

If YOU can’t be found online for your name or expertise, you’ll be LOST!

Let me ask you a question: Would you let someone else write your CV? Of course not! But at the same time you let someone else write your ‘Online CV’. You see what people find out about you online is the modern form of a CV! In the past you carefully worded your CV to get the job or the deal. Today you don’t have that choice… you just get googled.

Now – do you want the good news or the bad news first?

The importance of Personal Branding

Bad news – information about you online is cumulative, meaning you can’t erase it! (at least in most cases you can’t)

More bad news – most people’s online brand consists of Facebook mentions and other peoples’ comments on random sites!

Even more bad news – people think it’s expensive and long winded to change your online brand or they think it’s outside their control.

(actually the last point could also be great news for you – because it’s not true 🙂

let’s look at the good news!

Good news – you can quickly and easily create new powerful stuff that COVERS the old tracks and creates the new image YOU want people to see about you and your business.

Even more good news – I have found that some of the techniques we use can literally create your brand online overnight and blow your competition out of the water – even if they’ve there for years and spend thousands of pounds.

Even more better news – You can ‘appear’ to be THE expert in your field and get paid more than the rest of them by just using our simple personal online branding blueprint.

Here’s the thing… I’ve recently been getting phone calls from other successful marketers asking me to do a training presentation for their subscribers on this important topic.

And the feedback from these sessions has been little short of remarkable…

So, I’ve decided to put together a special training presentation just for my subscribers that I will be sharing on a special webinar.

On the webinar you will discover:

  • Real-world case studies of what exactly I mean by having a winning personal online brand.
  • Some of the exact strategies we’ve successfully used to multiply some of our students income in the last 18 months.
  • How to become a respected leader in your industry without breaking into sweat
  • The unexpected side-benefit of creating your personal online brand (and its not what you think)

Click Here To Join Me For A Special Special ‘Personal Branding’ Webinar

However, I can’t wait to share the secrets from this presentation so watch out TOMORROW for a special video from me where I reveal:

  • My simple simple prediction for the new year and beyond
  • What the ‘clever people’ will be doing to take advantage
  • How to get paid more and wipe the floor with your competition
  • How to have more FUN (I love what I do every day, how about you?)
  • What will happen to you if you DON’T build your personal online brand this year (warning – this is SCARY!)

I can only say from my own experience, building my personal brand has EVERYTHING to do with my success, my new peer group, the values I stand for and the message I am putting out there into the world.

I’ll show you how you can…

— Thrive and grow your business – no matter what the economy

— Become a respected leader in your industry

— Multiply your income and

— Fulfil your purpose

Click Here To Join Me For A Special ‘Personal Branding’ Webinar

If you are serious about taking your business or career to the next level you simply must be on this webinar.

daniel wagner - personal online brand expert
Daniel Wagner – The ‘Personal Online Brand’ Expert

See you on the webinar


PS: Let me finish with a quote from my new book ‘Expert Success‘:

“Personal Branding is not an option, it’s a prerequisite for success in this new world of radical transparency. He who thinks they can thrive without it will see themselves being left behind while those who embrace it will win the business – every time!”